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Are you aware that the global revenue of video games was a whopping $43.8 billion in 2018? That number is expected to go up. Every year, new video game titles, consoles, accessories, technology, and innovation are released and introduced.

This is no longer the modern world, this is now the video game era wherein gamers get to experience the full capacity of video games in terms of visuals, gameplay, interaction, multiplayer, and more.

Gamification Summit

Gamification Summit is not your typical online magazine tackling the industry and market of video games. Gamification Summit is the video game experience you are looking for and you need it.

When we say experience, we are talking about the evolution of video games and consoles throughout the years.

From the earliest handheld consoles to virtual reality and the augmentation of online casino games in to live online casinos.

Colby Hutchinson

Colby is the founder of Gamification Summit and is a professional software and video game developer. Colby has an impressive resume working for top video game companies in the United States.

After years of video game development, Colby decided to change lanes. Not the video game lane, from RPGs and real-time strategy titles, Colby turned to the gamification of the casino. That’s right, the integration of your favorite casino games into video games where you can win real money.


After his quick resignation from his last employer, Colby quickly built the Gamification Summit. Colby first tackled augment titles like “Pokemon: GO.” He quickly assembled his team of video game experts in particular fields to produce the first-ever release of the Gamification Summit.

The Online Casino Video Game Industry

Gamification Summit has its own casino video game team handling video games and consoles inspired by casinos and gambling.

Colby together with the team went to the Garden State to research everything they can about the gamification of the casino industry online and offline.

So, if you want to learn everything there is about the history and disruption of video games, subscribe today.