Essential New Jersey Casino Statistics

Essential New Jersey Casino Statistics

New Jersey is a top gambling destination in the United States. The casino business in this state is worth millions of dollars. If you are interested in New Jersey gambling, not just gambling in general, then you should familiarize yourself with these statistics.

These numbers represent the growth and development of the casino or gambling industry in the state. These statistics are monetary and will surely shock you.

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NJ Online Casinos and Sportsbooks Generates over $60 million in one month

That’s right, these are just online casinos and sportsbooks (online betting sites) by the way. In August 2019, it was reported that NJ online casinos and sportsbooks made over $60 million in revenues.

This is a record-breaking number. There are speculations that these numbers are expected to go higher. There are dozens of online casinos based in New Jersey and dozens more based overseas.

With New Jersey online casino operators adopting gamification for their video games, more and more players are shifting to online casinos.

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Top Casinos in New Jersey

There are probably more than a hundred of casinos and gambling centers in New Jersey. However, only the top casinos generate millions of dollars. In August 2019, the Golden Nugget claimed the top spot with $14.98 million in earnings in one month.

Next up, Resorts and Borgata with $6.85 million and $6.72 million.

What do you think these casinos are doing right? Well, they are the most distinguished and established casinos in all of the states. But, that’s not all. Gamification, and emphasis on design. These casinos adapted to these concepts years ago.

They have video poker games and slot machines with next-level game design.

In the running of top casinos according to revenues are Caesars with $4.62 million, Tropicana with $4.06 million, Hard Rock with $2.13 million, and then Ocean Resort with $0.372 million. That’s a total of $33.39 million from only 7 casinos.

Online Poker is an important asset for the NJ casino scene

Online poker and online casinos are somehow different even though online poker is just another online casino game. Online Poker in New Jersey is a top element in generating revenues.

The Golden Nugget reported over $14 million in revenue just from online poker. Resorts had $7.45 million and Borgata coming in third with $7.13 million. More people are inclined to go with online poker instead of the usual casino poker.

Believe it or not, different video games under genres are also adding poker elements in their title like Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V added an in-game casino for players to gamble and enjoy all the poker they can.

New Jersey is still not on the same level as Vegas. Sin City generates more when compared to the Garden state. However, many experts claim that New Jersey’s casino and sports betting is ahead when it comes to innovation and design.

People are speculating whether online casinos will completely take over the traditional setup. Others believe that it is impossible since the Garden State’s casino scene is built upon real casinos and contributed a lot to the state’s tourism. What do you think?

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