Upcoming Events

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We are looking forward to so many happenings and events right here at Gamification Summit. It’s going to be Gamification Unite for all these awesome events we have prepared for all of you. Make sure to subscribe to our online magazine to stay updated about these programs.

Gamification Casinos Convention

That’s right, in November, Gamification Summit will hold yet another convention for the further gamification of the casino into video games, online and offline. We are inviting several video game developers and designers targeting the casino and gambling industry to serve as key speakers.

There will also be several topics to talk about the emerging trends and innovation of casino games or casino video games being introduced to different gaming and even social networking platforms.

We will talk about the disruption and innovation brought on by gamification for casino and casino-related activities. For this one, we are talking about both the online and offline worlds.

We have casino executives and market experts from New Jersey, the Garden State which is a gambling powerhouse in the United States.

Gamification Beyond!

Gamification beyond is going to be a blast. We will be inviting aspiring video game and software developers for three days of workshops, seminars, and training. This is a free-to-all event so you don’t need to worry about any fee.

The event is scheduled for the first week of December, just in time for the holidays. Think of this program as our gift to so many capable and determined developers out there.

We will only be able to accommodate 2000 participants and it will be first-come, first-serve. However, we will also be picking stalwart students for the program. The event will take place at our headquarters in Syracuse, New York.

Follow us on our social media accounts or subscribe to our online magazine for updates. We will be releasing the application form online so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Online Casino Dev Tourney

Calling out all video game developers out there. We have partnered with New Jersey casinos for this competition. We will be staging a video game development tournament. All video games are to be online casino games.

You can choose whatever casino game you want to gamify, and that gamification effort might land you a permanent position here at Gamification Summit and a cash prize. There will be a screening process to select a few developers to participate in the final rounds.

If you think you have what it takes, then you should go for it. We encourage you to do so.

Wait for further instructions about the screening process from our social media accounts and official website.