The Ultimate Video Game Design Recipe for Casino Titles

The Ultimate Video Game Design Recipe for Casino Titles

Several online casino operators based in New Jersey turned to the idea of gamification to improve engagement in their online gambling platforms. First of all, what is gamification?

Gamification is the integration or augmentation if you will of video game elements to other activities or aspects to achieve a particular goal. These goals are either for marketing purposes, increase in customers, ROI, and more.

Gamification, if you think about it, is mainly about design. People are suckers when it comes to a good design and that might have been irrelevant before but not today. These days, gamers and critics are impressed by innovation in video game design.

It’s not just about making your video game more beautiful but about giving people the video game experience they crave for.

Now, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions from our online community on how the concept of gamification can help boost popularity and engagement for online casinos. To that extent, we present the design recipe.

Postimage The Ultimate Video Game Design Recipe for Casino Titles Rich Backstory - The Ultimate Video Game Design Recipe for Casino Titles

Rich Backstory

We’re not just talking about cutscenes and juicy dialogues. We are talking about stunning designs carried out either by digital drawings, characters, images, and more. Several slot machines these days are benefiting from a rich backstory carried out by static images with bubble dialogues.

Make sure to give your game a rich backstory to be presented in the most visual and informative way possible.


Video game characters or more commonly known as the NPCs can spell either success or doom for a casino title. There are several mafia-themed slot machines and they all lack something, characters. All they use are photos of mafia-cartoons to serve as the avatars.

Why not create a character of your own? Give him or her a rich backstory. People are sure to get hooked on a game that tells a story or better yet, tells them a story about someone. There are different art forms you can use but will surely be converted into digital designs.


Mechanics are the commands or actions your avatar or character can carry out in the game as you push the buttons. For example, in Super Mario, the character can jump to destroy blocks, get coins, and power-ups.

So, is there room for mechanics for video games? Of course. Betting itself can be considered a mechanic. However, this is not an easy thing to do. You can’t force mechanics into casino video games simply because you can. They need to make sense.

For example, slot machines now have mini-games or bonus rounds wherein players are given the chance to control in-game character. These characters are then controlled and can perform actions for something.

In a nutshell

Design is just one element for video games and it is broken down into more sub-elements. There is so much you can do with gameplay and rules. However, creativity nowadays is a big and effective asset for video games.

It’s not about appearance over experience. The appearance is part of the experience. Why do you think Sony and Microsoft spent billions of dollars to design 4K resolution support for their consoles?

Game design these days goes a long way and people are finding efficient ways to integrate them into gameplays and modes. You also need to consider music and audio improvements for your title. So, do you have any ideas for your next video game?

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