Top Gamification Workshops to Attend This Year

Top Gamification Workshops to Attend This Year

With the emerging idea and concepts for gamification, more and more video game companies are hosting workshops to educate people about it. If you’re looking to attend one of these workshops or seminars, here are some you might consider going to.

Newton: EU Horizon Project 2020 Project

Newton, an organization focused on educating and training people in the different fields of science and technology needs to be on this list. This organization is based in the city of Cork in Ireland and they are known for their extensive knowledge and scope for gamification.

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To give you a taste of their workshop here’s the first thing they teach you. Gamification is not making a game.

According to them it is “using game mechanics to engage or motivate. It is distinct from the development of a game.”

From that, you can pick up they know what they’re talking about. Newton stages a few workshops all year long in Ireland and there is still no news if they are planning to go abroad.

Studio Merkas

If you want a broad coverage when it comes to gamification education, Studio Merkas is your go-to. They cover gamification for indie games, virtual reality, augmented reality, custom entertainment systems, and even casino games.

That’s right, Merkas is the complete package if you want to learn everything about gamification and its many factors. The company is based in Stuttgart, Germany and has done quite the number of workshops globally.

Merkas is focusing not just on game development but on the entire idea of digital entertainment media.

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