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The niche Gamification is too wide, too broad, to relentless to write about daily. No problem though, Gamification Summit will continue to push through as we have been doing so for years now.

But, we are opening our doors for talented writers to give us a hand with all these topics and sub-topics we want to inform and educate people about. So, can you give us a hand?

How to apply

It’s easy, all you have to do is submit a resume or a portfolio to serve as your credentials for us to assess via colby@gammificationsummit.com. We encourage you to include some sample work you have for further evaluation.

It will take three days for your application to be fully assessed by our recruitment team. After that, expect a message from us either via email or phone call if you’ve made it through to the next step.

The Examination

For all applicants to make it through the first stage, you will have to complete one exam to serve as your final input for the job. Each applicant will be given a particular topic to write about.

There will be further instructions on the template of the content and the essential elements we are looking for.

If you can get through all of that, then you are in. We are looking to recruit 10 writers to join our team and to be able to produce more publications daily.

What to write about?

The topic or topics for the examination and for the job to write about is focused on gamification. First of all, video games and gamification are different. Gamification is the integration or application of video gaming elements to well, everything.

That is what we want you to write about. So, can you help us out?

For more information about the role, you can contact us via +1 315-463-6220 or visit our contact page.