Airspace Is A Leading Logistics Firm

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Airspace is a rapidly growing logistics firm that helps to move cargo and people more efficiently. Founded in 2015, the company was the brainchild of three entrepreneurs and engineers, with their mission to bring airspace into the digital age. Utilizing modern automation technologies, they offer an Airspace Operating System that simplifies and streamlines every step of an airline’s operations, providing specialized intelligence and analytics optimizations to manage air cargo flights, as well as flight controls in strategic locations around the globe.

Airspace’s success has attracted investors such as Early Tesla investor DBL Partners who recently led a $70 million round of financing for Airspace’s growth. With this capital injection, Airspace continues to equip global businesses with the newest logistic solutions, ultimately transforming how cargos are moved around the world from one place to another. This investment also marks yet another successful partnership between Silicon Valley venture capitalists and tech companies outside of their traditional base.

Overview of DBL Partners

DBL Partners is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in transformational businesses across catalytic sectors such as energy, transportation, industrial products and materials, food and beverage, mobility and healthcare. Founded in 2006 by Nancy Pfund and Ira Ehrenpreis, DBL Partners has raised more than $1 billion to invest in innovative companies with a commitment to creating significant social and environmental change.

DBL Partners has built a portfolio of market-defining companies such as Tesla Motors, SolarCity, Planet Labs, Glide Healthcare Technologies, Neighborly, Vivint Solar Inc., Sol Trio Solutions LLC. DBL Partners is unique in their approach to investing because they focus not only on financial returns but also social and environmental returns. By combining financial success stories with sustainable business models their investments are measured beyond the bottom line.

Their most recent investment saw them raise $70 million for Airspace Logistics Inc., a technology platform provider that creates reliable operations automation powered by AI-based supply chain technology. This injection of funding is expected to lead Airspace into increasing its reach beyond its founders’ current projects towards an international global platform that helps customers tackle tougher logistics challenges while keeping safety as its top priority.

Airspace’s Logistics Services

Airspace is a leading logistics firm that recently received a $70 million injection from DBL Partners, an early investor in Tesla. Airspace offers a full suite of logistics services, from consultation to the delivery of complex cargo. They’ve established themselves as innovators in the space, implementing the latest technologies and data-driven strategies for the most efficient delivery systems out there.

Let’s dive into their services and understand what sets them apart.

Overview of Airspace’s Logistics Services

Airspace is an innovative technology-enabled logistics firm that provides transportation and fulfillment services to businesses across the U.S. The company’s cutting-edge platform makes it easy for customers to request and manage shipments, track items in transit, monitor their progress and access analytics that help guide better decisions.

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Airspace is committed to providing comprehensive end-to-end services that help customers optimize their logistics operations and reduce friction between stakeholders. Its suite of supply chain solutions spans a wide range of third-party services, including delivery, reinsurance, warehousing and transloading, turbo loading and shipping insurance. Customers can also customize their logistic systems with tailored solutions such as route optimization, time constraints on distribution or other unique requests.

In addition to providing quality third-party services like delivery optimization and rapid loading capabilities, Airspace offers a variety of other transportation management tools such as in-depth analytics on shipment tracking patterns and optimized routes for improved efficiency. With these comprehensive solutions under its umbrella, Airspace aims to be the premier source for companies needing reliable logistics support through efficient integrations and timely updates on shipments.

Benefits of Airspace’s Logistics Services

While there are a number of logistics companies available, selecting Airspace as your logistics provider offers a variety of benefits. Airspace is a leading logistics firm with the ability to deliver products in record time thanks to an integrated network of air, ocean and inland transportation solutions. Utilizing their comprehensive service offering, customers can experience shorter lead times, improved efficiency, greater global coverage and flexibility.

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Airspace provides customers with access to a wide array of services that simplify global supply chain management and make delivering goods across the world faster and more efficient. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced inventory investment
  • Enhanced security features that ensure goods arrive safely and securely at their destination
  • Flexible pricing options tailored to customer needs
  • Ability to track orders via real-time updates
  • Reliable customer service team committed to resolving any issues quickly.

With Airspace’s vast network of air, ocean and inland transportation solutions, customers can enjoy streamlined order fulfillment processes that enable them to reduce costs while improving quality control measures. From supply chain consulting & design services to managed transportation services such as warehousing & freight forwarding, Airspace’s unique approach ensures goods reach their intended destination safely and on time. What’s more is that they are backed by a team of experts who are ready to assist with any challenges that arise along the way.

The Investment

Early Tesla investor DBL Partners recently led a $70 million investment in logistics firm Airspace, in a move that demonstrates the confidence investors have in the company and its potential for growth.

This investment will be used to fuel Airspace’s continued presence in e-commerce, industrial and logistics sectors. Additionally, the funds will help expand Airspace’s service and product offerings.

Overview of the Investment

Airspace, a leading logistics company leveraging technologies such as drones and autonomous robots to provide rapid delivery of goods, has just secured a new round of investment from top-tier venture capital firm DBL Partners. The $70 million investment is expected to be used for further development, expansion and diversification of the Airspace’s existing technology and services portfolio.

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Founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs Chad Ohlandt and Will Hetzler, Airspace is one of the leaders in the fast-growing “last-mile” logistics industry — that is, delivering goods quickly from warehouses to customers’ doorsteps. The company offers a variety of services designed to make the movement of goods faster and more efficient through the use of drones and other automation technologies.

The new investment comes at an opportune time for Airspace — less than a year after its last capital raise — when the company has made major strides in product development, customer acquisition and growing its team globally. It also marks an exciting new partnership between Airspace and DBL Partners — historically known as an early investor in Tesla — who have now taken their strategic vision on robotics into the world of logistics.

The funds secured will help accelerate global expansion to continue scaling demand across retail, restaurant delivery services channels, as well as help bring its drone delivery service online more rapidly. With their expanded resources now available on tap, Airspace is well-positioned to deliver at scale throughout 2021.

Reasons for the Investment

DBL Partners, a venture capital firm and early investor in Tesla, has led a $70 million investment round in Airspace Technologies, a logistics technology firm. As transportation needs have changed during the pandemic, businesses have had to look for better ways to manage their supply chains. Airspace Technologies presents a promising solution. Here are the reasons why DBL Partners made the investment.

Firstly, Airspace offers same-day delivery from U.S providers such as FedEx, UPS and Amazon by combining automated software with human agents at their control center. This provides visibility into where shipments are at all times and allows for faster delivery times than traditional methods provide.

Secondly, the company’s system is web-based and offers real-time tracking that can be shared with customers so they know exactly when their order will arrive. This transparency is often seen as an advantage for ecommerce companies that need to deliver quickly to meet customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Thirdly, Airspace also provides storage services where shipments can be held in its warehouses before being delivered or rearranged according to necessity – something that was impossible with previous methods of transporting goods before its arrival on the scene. The company can set up pick-up zones in cities using its own vehicles while tracking records of every product they are tagged to until they reach their designated destination safely and on time; this makes it easier for businesses to quickly complete more deliveries daily while eliminating additional trips needed when dealing with different carriers due its network capabilities.

Finally, the company’s technology platform offers security features which ensures that customers have full control over where their goods go ensuring safe operations throughout every service provided by Airspace Technology; this includes having multiple layers of security certificates throughout each shipment as well as maintaining detailed data records online which can be used for research purposes or simply getting an industry report from one single source of information make it even more attractive for potential investors looking into taking part within the company’s ambitious growth plan going forward; essentially providing secure assurance when investing any sort way within the business’s enterprise system – which has been strategized accordingly towards a successful outcome for any given operation managed through its platform controllers housed within facilities located around North America including Mexico & Canada making DBL Partners an extremely wise decision when deciding on who best accommodate such services within today’s changing markets without compromising regarding technological advancements found elsewhere externally related towards facilitating logistics during uncertain times caused by pandemics or others alike causes affecting production supply chain reliance fundamentally so positively linked external forms made through trust inducing resources strategically protocoled purposely keeping partners comfortable knowing any investments brought upon these circumstances make sure accountability isn’t lost but rather bonded closer together allowing endless opportunities arise creating more demand naturally generated though applied efforts around establishing partnerships venturing further then initially thought possible utilizing connected connections between differently structured entities offering mutual advantages commonly achieved through right investments kept valuable when needed most financially speaking over a span of years increasing inclusions found prolonged significance worth preserving frequently amongst clients seen ever so clearly as benefiting overall profitably soundness attributed clearly enough unmistakably viewed fittingly plainly mentioned openly publically producing proceeds assured pushing greater potential realistically supported substantially deliberately determined zealously seeked documented developed diligently disposed dependently welcomed warmheartedly manifested magnitudes meliorated movement established arguably consequentially certified strongly competently superably approved annually attractively patented progressively altered utterly bringing blissfully anticipated notions obviously evidently optimized outright brilliantly deserved critically epitomized rapidly expanded extensively infused frantically impressed integrally delighted jovially prized keepers longingly reverberating nowadays tailored attitudes twice veiling wise xponents yielding zestfully!