Xendit is one of the fastest growing FinTech firms in Southeast Asia

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Xendit is an Indonesian FinTech firm recently raising $300 million in Series D funding, co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This marks a significant milestone for Xendit, which has seen explosive growth over the past few years.

The firm is well-positioned to exploit Southeast Asia’s increasing demand for digital payment solutions. First, look closer at Xendit’s journey and the opportunities for the firm going forward.

Overview of Xendit

Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit has raised $300M in its latest funding round, co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This is the largest venture capital investment for the Southeast Asian region, cementing the firm’s place as one of the fastest growing FinTech firms in the region.

Xendit is a payments platform that enables individuals and businesses to digitally transfer funds with convenience and speed. It provides various services such as business payments, consumer loan facilitation, remittances, virtual cards & wallets, mass disbursement & payments processing etc. It simplifies payment processes across countries and currencies offering unbeatable experience to customers with no fees (some fees may apply).

The Xendit platform offers a suite of products allowing customers to create seamless payment experiences on any device. Its range of consumer products include: localized digital wallets, virtual cards & loans; mobile money; prepaid cards; Unified Payment Interface (UPI); checkout & payment buttons; split payments & batch disbursements; FX hedging options etc. All these services have been integrated into Xendit’s secure cloud-based environment which can be customized per customer requirements. In addition, Xendit also provides fraud detection tools allowing customers to reduce costs associated with fraudulent activities.

With over 80 employees across 4 locations worldwide — Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali — Xendit is well-positioned to lead the transformation of Southeast Asia’s financial landscape as one of its most trusted FinTech firm.

Summary of Series D funding round

On 19 April 2021, Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit announced it has raised $300 Million in Series D funding co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This is the largest fundraising round ever for a Southeast Asian FinTech Company, bringing Xendit’s total raised to $527M. The funds will fuel additional product innovation, expand market share, build out the team and advance Xendit’s mission of creating an efficient payments infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2015, Xendit is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing FinTech companies. The company specializes in payment solutions for businesses including eWallets, Online Payment Gateways and Debit Cards. It also offers fraud prevention and cash flow analytics tools that help small businesses better manage their finances. With its trusted payment solutions and world-class technology, Xendit helps more than 50 million customers throughout Indonesia pay securely online or offline with minimal fees or delays.

The company has over 700 employees in offices across Indonesia, Singapore and the US. Over 2 million merchants now use Xendit’s payment solutions on their websites and mobile apps monthly with transactions totaling over USD$7 billion annually. Through its groundbreaking technology and innovative products, Xendit offers a seamless experience for digital payments anywhere within the SEA region specific to businesses’ needs.

Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit raises $300M Series D funding co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners

Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit recently announced the completion of their $300 million Series D round led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This impressive raise demonstrates the company’s growing success and represents a major milestone in the history of Xendit.

This article will look closely at Xendit’s recent growth and what it means for the company’s future.

Overview of Xendit’s growth trajectory

Xendit is an Indonesian FinTech firm with tremendous success over the past few years. Founded in 2015, Xendit enables businesses to accept payments and issue refunds via various online payment methods.

Since its inception, Xendit has seen impressive growth. In 2018, Xendit launched its own e-wallet called Xendpay and raised $12 million in its Series B round of funding led by GREE Ventures. This was followed by the launch of its business banking product Xendbiz and an additional $25 million in Series C funding.

Most recently, Xendit closed a $300 million Series D round co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. The new funding values the fast-growing fintech firm at nearly $1 billion, making it Southeast Asia’s first unicorn solely focused on digital payments processing solutions and infrastructure for small businesses, enterprises and developers alike.

The platform and product suite, many enterprises in Indonesia have increased the efficiency of their operations through lower cost transactions fees and faster transaction processing times. This has allowed them to drive further economic development across the country.

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Details of Xendit’s Series D funding

Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit recently announced an impressive Series D funding of 300 million dollars, which Coatue and Insight Partners co-led. The company intends to grow even more quickly with this capital injection, as it pushes towards its stated goal of becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent FinTech firms.

Founded in 2015, Xendit is described as a “financial infrastructure provider in Indonesia”, with a strong presence throughout the region. Their services include payment processing, fraud prevention, virtual cards, bill payment, and installment plans. Crucially, they are offered at very low costs compared to traditional banking systems or cash handling services. Thanks to this competitive pricing model and experienced executive team, Xendit has grown significantly since its inception five years ago.

This recent Series D funding round signals that key investors such as Coatue Management LLC and Insight Partner are confident in the company’s growth potential. These investors are expected to support the continued expansion of Xendit into new markets across Southeast Asia and beyond. With their raised funds from this latest funding round the company plans to invest further into technology advancements for financial institutions that partner with them; focus on accelerating digital payments for merchants; and improve access to financial services for individuals without banking accounts within public sectors. All these factors paint an encouraging picture regarding Xendits next steps towards expanding its presence within their core markets in Southeast Asia while also increasing visibility within others, such as India or China.

Impact of the Series D Funding

The $300M Series D funding for Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit has caused a major buzz in the tech industry. Not only has it cemented Xendit’s position as one of the fastest growing FinTech firms in Southeast Asia, but it has also opened new avenues of growth and expansion.

Let’s look into the impact of this massive funding round on Xendit’s position in the current market.

Impact on Xendit’s operations

Xendit’s latest series D funding round will significantly impact its operations in terms of scale, focus and reach. The total $300 million investment Coatue and Insight Partners co-led is likely to set Xendit up for major expansion in the region.

The funding will provide much needed resources to further refine Xendit’s suite of products and services, as well as expand its operations beyond Indonesia into other markets in Southeast Asia. In addition, it will give Xendit a renewed impetus to capture a large portion of the FinTech services market — particularly regarding payments, remittances, online banking and alternative financial services — in the region.

In addition, the funding will also serve as an impetus for Xendit to increase its customer base by providing better security measures, improved customer experience and greater innovation such as artificial intelligence (AI) equipped chatbot features — all geared towards providing an outstanding digital banking experience for users. Finally, this funding enables Xendit employees to work more productively with improved infrastructure facilities such as better internet connection, updated software systems etc. Thus the impact of this series D funding on Xendit’s operations is certainly huge!

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Impact on the Indonesian FinTech industry

The Series D funding round of Indonesia-based FinTech firm Xendit has made waves across the Southeast Asian country. Led by venture capital firms Coatue and Insight Partners with participation from GGV, Warburg Pincus, Stripe and others, the round raised $300million for Xendit’s growth plans. This funding has more major implications for Xendit and Indonesia’s FinTech industry.

Xendit can now continue to scale its cutting-edge B2B payments platform, improved customer experience on its mobile app, accelerate its regional expansion plans, and solidify other competitive advantages in a highly competitive landscape. In addition to increasing user adoption and speeding up product development cycles, the Series D funding will also help Xendit double down on innovation in payments technology as it utilizes advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Moreover, the Series D funding also serves as a signal for other Indonesian FinTech startups and those around Southeast Asia: a well-funded company like Xendit that has remained competitive even amid warring fintech giants is surely an inspiration to smaller startups fighting against established players in their respective countries. While larger organizations often have entrenched customer bases which can hinder new entrants from gaining purchase traction in short amounts of times (even despite providing a superior product), Xendit’s huge success may provide at least some assurance to aspiring Indonesian entrepreneurs that they too can make it if they pursue consumer-friendly solutions with enough grit and determination.

Xendit’s Future Plans

Indonesian FinTech firm Xendit recently raised $300M Series D funding co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This marks a significant milestone in their journey to become Southeast Asia’s go-to digital payment processor.

With the newfound investment, it is worth exploring what Xendit plans to do with its newfound capital and how it might further shape the future of FinTech in the region.

Plans for expansion

Xendit, an Indonesian FinTech firm, recently secured $300 million in Series D funding co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This much-needed investment from these key partners will enable Xendit to further its goal of centralizing and streamlining payments.

In light of the new funding, Xendit plans to expand its payment acceptance capabilities by adding new payment types to its existing products. This includes expanding coverage of debit cards, digital wallets, link aja!, and OVO services across Southeast Asia. In addition, the firm is considering increasing its geographic footprint by reinforcing their presence in Indonesia and moving into Malaysia and Thailand in the coming year.

The main focus remains improving the customer experience by providing better ways for businesses to send and receive payments securely with low fees, a simplified user interface, and improved security standards. This move aims to provide businesses within Southeast Asia access to a versatile range of technology services to help them grow their business costs effectively while protecting user data integrity.

The possibilities are endless with this financing round; however, Xendit’s initial goals are clear: expanding the market reach while also providing innovative services that meet all local requirements in terms of payment acceptance methods which ultimately comfort customers and developing partners. As such, Xendit plans on investing heavily across both markets to develop better interfaces for users and stronger relationships with Infrastructure Partners to maintain their competitiveness within Southeast Asia’s FinTech space.

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Plans for new products and services

Xendit, an Indonesian FinTech firm that recently raised $300M Series D funding co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners, has ambitious plans for future growth. In addition to cementing its spot as one of the fastest-growing firms in Southeast Asia, Xendit plans to expand its products and services into different markets.

Xendit plans to launch new products and services in 2021 focused on helping individuals and businesses transact quickly, safely, and cheaply. The company’s product lineup includes consumer payments (transfer payments for online shopping, bill payments, fee paying), corporate payment solutions (payroll & disbursements), lending solutions (Loans & microloans) and APIs (payment & invoicing). In addition, the company also offers digital banking services including prepaid cards, mutual funds management/investment/ trading accounts and virtual wallets/credit lines.

This expansion will likely move Xendit beyond its existing markets in Indonesia and Southeast Asia into larger global markets. It also intends to establish partnerships that will make Xendit’s products more widely accessible beyond the traditional channels it already reaches, allowing customers to enjoy a superior user experience wherever they are located.

As part of this growth strategy the team at Xendit will continue to invest heavily in technology upgrades designed to improve customer experiences and safety. This includes investments in biometric authentication technology for better identity verification and cutting-edge fraud prevention measures compliant with international payment regulations such as PCI DSS Level 1 certification standards. These standards give Xendit customers peace of mind when making transactions on the platform with their debit or credit cards and assurances from an independent third party auditor regarding operational security best practices—a key requirement for handling large corporate transactions.

Overall, these efforts will drive value for both current users of the platform and any prospective users worldwide who can benefit from an improved user experience through Xendit’s robust range of products and services delivered over secure international systems managed by experienced professionals.


Xendit, an Indonesian FinTech firm, is one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia. It recently closed a Series D funding round totaling $300M, co-led by Coatue and Insight Partners. This is the largest funding round ever closed by an Indonesian startup and will help Xendit continue revolutionizing Indonesia’s payments industry and beyond.

In just four years since its founding, Xendit has had immense success in digital payments acceptance – enabling over 1 billion digital transactions and quadrupling year-on-year growth for its merchant partners. Individuals in Indonesia have benefited greatly by making payments more conveniently with debit cards, e-wallets or banks through their platform and improved consumer protection features such as fraud scoring for higher approval rates and digital disbursement (payouts) services for every major bank in Indonesia. Their technology has also enabled businesses to streamline their payment systems to offer faster checkout experiences with higher approval rates and lower payment processing fees – enabling them to better serve their customers while maximizing efficiency.

Overall, Xendit’s impact has been felt greatly throughout Southeast Asia’s economy: enabling individuals and businesses to process payments more safely and conveniently while providing greater customer service due to less processing times and fees than traditional payment networks. With this new investment, Xendit can continue expanding its already substantial footprint on the financial landscape of Southeast Asia.

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