Analysis and Look at the Leveling System in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 was developed by Bungie and is a very famous MMO shooter with a first-person view for greater immersion in the space setting and which is known for its game mechanics and constantly updated world and new planets available for exploration. Players are primarily attracted to the interesting and dynamic boosting in Destiny 2, which helps develop the character and increase the level of power. In this guide, we will look at ways to level up the game and how exactly Bungie helps beginners gain experience and study the game plot.

Highlights on Leveling up in Destiny 2

D2 uses a multi-level leveling system, which should not only strengthen any character but also involve the player himself in the entire universe and storyline through the development system presented by Bungie.

Players will begin their journey from the first level and completing a training system that will teach them how to shoot and move, use cover and work with energy, kinetic and power weapons, which are used for completely different tasks when boosting in Destiny 2.

You will complete quests and missions, defeat enemies and help repel the attacks of alien troops who need to be stopped and knocked out from their home planet.

The principles of pumping themselves are quite traditional, when for completing your goals you will receive experience and glimmers and accumulate the level of the hero’s power – the most important parameter for his development. The hero’s effectiveness and his role in all types of content that will be available afterward depend on the power level.

The Role and Significance of the Strength Level Indicator

The power level of your hero in Destiny 2 is responsible for two tasks at once:

Shows overall strength level and combat capabilities.

  1. Serves as an indicator for admitting you to certain strikes and raids and content that has a minimum threshold of requirements, without which the player will simply be useless in this content.
  2. The strength indicator takes into account the power of your equipment and weapons, summing up the overall parameter.

To progress, a player must not only boost in Destiny 2, but also build up their Power score, which starts at 200 after completing the tutorial and can reach 300 to access all content that is available after the release of the Lightfall update.

How Does your Hero’s Progress Work

Your development and boosting in Destiny 2 is primarily related to the extraction and improvement of equipment, which will increase your combat potential and strengthen the game’s defense and attack.

You will storm raids and strikes and go to PVP and this way you will be able to get stronger equipment and weapons, because that is where they are obtained. It is difficult to gain experience in dungeons, but the resources are quite good.


Each item has its own overall strength, which is calculated from its rank and combat characteristics. To qualify for items of higher power, you need to increase your strength because the drop is calculated from the current indicator with a spread of approximately +30 from the current strength of your hero. The stronger the character, the better he is at PVP and the more difficult Mythic raids and twilight strikes he is ready to destroy.

Character Development Dynamics for Endgame

In any MMO, the final stage begins, when the update has already been conquered and the hero is maximally strengthened by all possible means, and so on until the release of new additions that will add targets for boosting in D2.

Mythic Raids, Twilight Strikes, and Trial of Osiris are your best sources for developing your character and increasing his strength as part of a group of three or five players.

In them, you need to show coordination and good knowledge of all the capabilities of your class in order to play your role and help your allies.

A strike is a raid on the boss’s habitat and security area by a group of three players. There may be normal difficulty or twilight difficulty. The difference is in the power level and the difficulty of killing the boss, where you can get equipment and weapons up to power level 270.

A raid is a more complex raid with a group of up to five players and three types of difficulty, normal, heroic and mythic.

Trial of Osiris is a PVP mode that takes place in arenas for groups of three players, and in such battles, it is important not only to win but also to gain a series of rounds, for which you can get seasonal legendary equipment and weapons, which will greatly improve your shooter, provided that you can get 7 wins in a row.

Updating and Changing the Maximum Power Level

Bungie releases major updates every year or reworks old formats, presenting players with a new look at familiar gameplay.

When developers release new updates, they rarely increase the maximum possible character level but rather increase the range of power level, which can now be supplemented with new items and increase combat potential in Destiny 2.

This approach is designed for the need for players to immediately try new content and not be limited only by leveling in Destiny 2.

So, after the release of the Lightfall update, the level of maximum strength will be increased, and when exploring Neptune and new twilight strikes, you will be able to increase your combat potential to level 325.

Single gameplay and cooperation

The boosting aspect of Destiny 2 comes in a few different ways.

This way, single players will be able to complete story quests and the main leveling will take place through quests, solo hunting and the selection of random players to start a strike of normal and twilight difficulty.

Groups of players can kill monsters faster, go on strikes and raids, and join clans to lead their roster to fame in Destiny 2 for winning high-difficulty dungeons like Mythic.

This approach allows you to create a comfortable gaming environment for all types of players – absolute loners, small groups of friends and full-fledged lovers of communication and gameplay among a huge number of players.

Problems and Criticism of the Leveling System in Destiny 2

The boosting system in Destiny 2 is perfectly optimized for long-term gameplay and player development, however, this system also has its problems.

Difficulties for players are often caused not by obtaining the hero level but by the accumulation of power levels, which reflect the combat potential of your hero.


The fact is that the drop in any location is calculated randomly in the range of + or – 30 from the current level. Therefore, it is important for you not only to find high-level equipment and weapons, but also to constantly carry them on yourself, even if they are not very suitable for your class, until you form good starting equipment for your hero.

Due to the fact that Bungie is quite active on the official Destiny 2 forums, many complaints are taken into account when new additions are released and old ones are reworked.

Development Prospects for Destiny 2

About once a year, Bungie releases new updates expands the power level system and opens up new planets and territories.

This is how Mercury, the Moon and Neptune appeared, and in the future the list will be expanded. It is not worth expecting that in the future the priority of leveling up over strengthening the hero, because this initially equalizes all players and allows them to collect equipment and weapons together with other players, or alone gradually and build the main gameplay on this.


It is worth noting that the development and boosting in Destiny 2 is implemented quite dynamically and is based on approaches to increasing the hero’s level and his strength, which affects combat effectiveness.

Bungie were able to create development mechanics using a training system, quests and grind, PVP mode, strikes and raids. The player is given complete freedom of action and the opportunity to build his gameplay alone, or communicate with the gaming community.

Bungie always continues to release new updates and major additions, and with new planets and mechanics you can increase your current power level to level 325, and leveling in Destiny 2 still plays a minor role.