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Featuredimage Gamification of the Casino - Gamification of the Casino

Gamification of the Casino

In the Garden State, online casinos and online betting are taking over. Why is that? Probably because casino games are already games and then people still gamified them.

Gamification of the casino is more than just the usual casino video games or online casino games you get to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The Complete Gaming Package

The online gambling or casino industry is expected to reach $1 trillion in revenue in 2021. Imagine that. Why are those people drawn to casino games? Well, they offer the complete package people are looking for in video games.

Most casino video games or online games these days have great gameplay, added features, different modes, and most importantly real money transactions and prizes.

Postimage Gamification of the Casino Gaming Package - Gamification of the Casino

People are not just in it for the rush of every round, but for the rush of winning big money. Here’s a great example, are you aware that there are now interactive slot machines? Casino video games are pretty simple and basic. One might say that the innovation opportunities for these games are limited.

Boy, are they wrong. Interactive slot machines are designed and developed with rich backstories, characters, and in-game features.

New Jersey Casino Gamification

Several casinos in New Jersey are turning to the idea of gamification to increase engagement and participation among their customers. Little by little, online casinos are indeed taking over the traditional casino centers in New Jersey.

That is why several operators in New Jersey are adding various video game elements in their slot machines, video poker, craps, and other casino games. There is also the emerging live online casino, wherein players can gamble at their favorite casinos despite not leaving home.

Postimage Gamification of the Casino New Jersey Casino - Gamification of the Casino

That’s right, this concept is the streaming of casinos online. People get to see the action up-front and they get to also win up-front. Gamification for casino games is mostly directed at the design and concept of each game.

For some games, the gamification opportunities are endless while for others, limited. But still, no one can argue that the gamification of the casino floor is out of this world.

Featuredimage The Best Gaming Summits in the World - The Best Gaming Summits in the World

The Best Gaming Summits in the World

All over the world, dozens of gaming summits or video gaming summits take place gathering video game lovers, developers, and enthusiasts to talk about the future of the industry. It’s not always comic-con and E3 that you should focus on.

If you’re looking for a whole new experience when it comes to gaming summits, here are the events you might want to consider.

Asia Gaming Summit

Asia Gaming Summit tackles gaming, online gaming, online casino, electronic sports, sports betting, gambling, and more. Asia Gaming Summit, in short, is focused on the integration of casinos into the world of video games.

And in this summit, you will learn about all the biggest trends and innovations materializing in hundreds of operators all over the globe.

Postimage The Best Gaming Summits in the World Asia Gaming Summit - The Best Gaming Summits in the World

Asia Gaming Summit started in Taiwan, one of the biggest gaming hubs not only in the region but throughout the globe. The summit will feature top speakers from different companies like Asia Oppa Ltd., Bitwork, 1710 Gaming, iGaming Asia, and more.

The summit will also tackle and discuss essential regulatory updates, technological advancements, payment methods, and other emerging practices in the worldwide market of casino gaming.

Casual Connect

Casual Connect is not just one organization nor summit, it is a collective of groups, enthusiasts, and gamers from all over the globe. Casual Connect stages conferences and summits worldwide in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Postimage The Best Gaming Summits in the World Casual Connect - The Best Gaming Summits in the World

CC mostly highlights innovations being introduced in the video game industry for so many elements like design, performance, gameplay, esports, online gambling, and more.

Pocket Gamer Connects

In the present, no one can deny that the smartphone is one of the most common gaming consoles. Think about it, every day, dozens of mobile video games are being released and millions of people are downloading them.

Postimage The Best Gaming Summits in the World Pocket Gamer Connects - The Best Gaming Summits in the World

Several video game companies paid a lot of attention to the augmentation of video games into smartphones and other devices. Pocket Gamer Connects is the summit that tackles everything about mobile gaming.

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