Who We Are

Mark Baer

Mark Baer, the avid gamer behind Gamification Summit, passionately drives our platform forward with his keen eye for innovation. As both a dedicated gamer and the owner of Gamification Summit, he uniquely blends his love for gaming with a deep understanding of technology, bringing a distinct perspective to the table.

Patrick Grier

Patrick Grier, an esteemed author at Gamification Summit, is enriching our platform with his remarkable storytelling abilities and profound comprehension of the gaming landscape. Leveraging his expertise, Patrick is providing insightful perspectives and delivering engaging content to our audience.

Sarah Lawson

Sarah Lawson, a skilled writer lending her insights to Gamification Summit, injects our platform with a unique perspective driven by her love for both gaming and technology. Through her compelling narratives and thorough analyses, Sarah encourages readers to delve into the dynamic convergence of gaming and technology.

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