How this new feature works

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Twitter is testing a new feature on iOS that will allow users to watch YouTube videos from their home timelines. This new feature appears to be an attempt to bring more media-rich experiences to the Twitter app and make it a better platform for creator and influencer content.

In this article, we will take an overview of how the feature works and the potential implications it has on the platform.

What is the new feature?

Twitter has begun testing a way to watch YouTube videos from the home timeline on iOS. This new feature lets users watch YouTube videos directly on their Twitter home timeline. This means that they will no longer need to open the video on a web page or in the YouTube app whenever they want to watch a video shared on Twitter.

This new feature makes it easy for users to quickly watch and share YouTube videos with their followers. All the user needs to do is tap the play button within a Tweet with a YouTube link, and the video will open within their home timeline. The Tweet will also show an interactive control panel at the bottom, allowing users to easily control the volume and play/pause/skip through different segments of the YouTube video while they are watching it.

Users who want to try out this feature can opt-in by heading over to settings and looking for the “Use Twitter for iOS as your primary source for watching YouTube Videos” toggle switch and turning it on. The feature is currently available in limited regions and devices, but it will soon be available worldwide for both Android and iOS devices.

How does it work?

Twitter recently began testing a new feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos directly in their home timeline on iOS devices. The feature makes it easier for users to find and watch videos shared through Twitter without having to click through to open the YouTube app or a web browser.

To use this feature, users must first have the most updated version of Twitter on their device. Then, they will see YouTube videos and other tweets appear in their home timeline. They can tap on any video thumbnail to open the video right within Twitter and watch it – no additional steps are required! If users taps on the video title or description, they will be taken directly to the YouTube app or website (depending on which device they’re using).

This new way of watching YouTube videos is meant to make it easier for people to find related content without navigating away from Twitter. The goal is also to provide more engaging experiences and help drive conversations around relevant topics.

It’s important for users to know that when watching YouTube videos directly from their timeline, data usage may apply as determined by their carrier or mobile network operator.


Twitter recently began testing a new feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos directly from the home timeline on iOS. This new feature is a great way for Twitter users to quickly see and engage with YouTube videos without leaving the platform.

This article will discuss some of the benefits of this new feature for Twitter users.

Improved user experience

Twitter recently began testing a feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos from the home timeline on iOS. This new test feature will bring various benefits to and enhance the user experience in several ways.

The most notable benefit is improved convenience, as users won’t have to leave their current Twitter feeds to watch videos. This saves them time overall, allowing them to spend less time switching between platforms to watch a single video.

Moreover, watching seamlessly integrated YouTube videos on Twitter can positively impact user engagement with the platform. Since watching these videos will require less effort than switching between platforms, more users may be enticed into watching more of such content than before. As a result, this new feature could help increase views or engagements about short-form videos posted by content creators and influencers on Twitter.

Finally, this move could also help accelerate the process of reinforcing a source’s brand identity since content creators and influencers would no longer need separate platforms for showcasing their work but can rely solely on Twitter for both consumption and engagement sessions pertaining to any form of content including but not limited to hot take pieces and listicles based on topics they are passionate about or seek expertise in left unchecked, non-objective arguments made by people with no authority in the subject matter in question).

This could also encourage more group viewing sessions (e.g., during live events such as press conferences and sports matches) where users across different geographical locations come together online via Twitter through mediums like regional hashtags or even conversations between popular accounts thereby creating an impactful presence within the community around said mediums which would be great for bolstering engagement statistics. Overall, this new test feature promises great benefits for individual users and verified accounts wishing to increase their digital footprint within their respective communities worldwide.

Easier access to content

Twitter recently launched the ability for users to watch YouTube videos directly from their home timeline on iOS, making it easier for folks to quickly access content without leaving the Twitter app. This new feature was designed with an eye towards convenience, allowing users to watch videos without leaving their news feeds and also leaving more time for browsing relevant content.

With this feature, Twitter has improved user experience by eliminating users needing to open additional tabs or apps. Instead of switching apps, users can stream YouTube videos right from within the timeline and multitask between various social media and messaging platforms. The feature also ensures that navigation is faster and smoother compared to a traditional method of handling multiple tabs.

This new feature comes with several benefits, including better access to content while reducing interruption, improved streams and search experience, faster loading times, and added convenience. Additionally, it supports Apple devices, including the iPhone XR, XS Max, and 11 Pro Max, running software versions in iOS13 or higher. With this Twitter upgrade, enhanced viewing experiences can be achieved by integrating video content into timelines on a number of different platforms, such as Android or IOS devices.


Twitter just announced an exciting new feature allowing users to watch YouTube videos from their timelines. With this feature, users can now watch the latest trending videos from their timelines without having to leave their home page.

Setting up this new feature on iOS is quite simple and takes only a few steps. Here’s all you need to know about setting up the new Twitter and YouTube features.

How to enable the feature

With Twitter beginning to test a new feature on iOS allowing users to directly watch YouTube videos from the home timeline without needing to leave the app, it’s important to know how to enable the feature.

Enabling this feature is as easy as a few clicks. First, launch your Twitter app and log in. Once you’ve logged in, select the gear icon at the bottom right of your screen, which will bring up your Settings page. Then go to “Notifications & Sounds,” where you can set your preferences for the type of notifications you want—in this case, YouTube videos. Select “Videos” and then select “Enable push notifications for YouTube videos.” This will now allow you to view YouTube videos on your feed on Twitter!

How to use the feature

Twitter recently began testing a feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos from their home timeline on iOS phones. The new feature allows Twitter users to conveniently watch, pause and replay YouTube videos directly from their home timeline.

Here’s how it works: When you open Twitter, you’ll notice that your timeline now includes YouTube videos alongside regular Tweets. To view the video, tap the play button, and it will begin playing inside the Twitter app (no need to switch to YouTube).

When using the feature, you can pause/play or even rewind/fast forward through any part of the video without leaving your timeline. To scroll off a video while still within the app and listening to the audio, simply tap on another Tweet below it. This will take you away from the YouTube video but allow you to continue listening in the background.

Additionally, when viewing a tweet with an embedded link for a YouTube video and you tap on that tweet – it will launch into fullscreen playback and play audio automatically in some instances as well. These features can be used both in portrait and landscape mode for optimal viewing experience.

Twitter begins testing a way to watch youtube videos from the home timeline on ios(3)


It’s been announced that Twitter has begun testing a new feature for iOS users that allows them to watch YouTube videos from their home timeline without having to leave the Twitter app.

This new feature has been made available for iPhone and iPad users, who can now watch videos within the Twitter app.

Let’s take a look at the compatibility of this feature.

What devices are compatible?

Twitter has announced the testing of a new feature on iOS that allows users to watch YouTube videos directly from their home timelines. This feature is currently only available for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 12 or later. To watch YouTube videos directly from your home timeline, you will need to use Twitter’s updated version of the app (5.22 or later). Users will also need the updated applications for YouTube, as the video viewing experience is powered by both Twitter and YouTube.

Once these requirements have been met, users can begin watching YouTube videos directly from their timelines. To start watching a video, simply tap on the link in your home timeline with a play icon next to it. The video will then open in full-screen and can be controlled via the play/pause button or volume control at the bottom of the screen. Once finished watching, users may close out of the video by tapping on ‘Done’ at the top right of their screen or tapping anywhere outside of the video frame.

Twitter’s new feature makes it easier and faster than ever before for users to watch YouTube videos right within their home timeline on iOS devices, allowing viewers to stay connected better with what’s happening around them. We recommend all compatible users update their apps to take advantage of this great feature!

What browsers are compatible?

For users who wish to take advantage of the new Twitter feature that allows viewers to watch YouTube videos from their home timeline, it is important to be aware of which web browsers are compatible. The feature is currently being tested on Twitter’s iOS mobile app. Currently, popular browsers such as Safari and Chrome are compatible with streaming videos.

Twitter recommends that users ensure that they have updated their browser or operating system to the latest version in order to take advantage of the best user experience possible. Additionally, it should be noted that while Twitter supports streaming on a wide range of devices and operating systems, it cannot guarantee compatibility with all devices or account configurations.


Twitter is now testing a new feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos directly from their home timeline on iOS. This is a great new feature and can be a lot of fun for users.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on getting the most out of this new feature and ensuring you have a great time using it.

How to get the most out of the feature

Twitter begins testing a way to watch youtube videos from the home timeline on ios(4)

Twitter has recently launched a new feature that allows users to watch YouTube videos from their home timeline directly from their mobile device, providing the convenience of having audio and video playback capabilities in one place. To make the most out of this new feature and ensure you are getting the most out of it, consider the following tips:

1. Only view content from content creators that you trust and know to be reliable. This ensures that the content is of high quality and free from any potential malicious intent.

2. Ensure that your device is set up to autoplay videos when scrolling through your home timeline, as this will make it much easier for you to catch content as soon as it comes up.

3. If available, opt for darker themes when viewing Twitter on your mobile phone or device – this helps decrease battery drain when watching longer YouTube videos directly on your home timeline.

4 Take advantage of the additional features offered by Twitter, such as the ability to select which YouTube channel’s videos appear on your home timeline – helping create a more personalized newsfeed featuring only videos relevant to you!

What to watch out for when using the feature

Twitter’s new feature, which lets people watch YouTube videos directly from the home timeline on their iOS device, is an exciting development. However, as with any new feature, it is important to be aware of some potential risks associated with using the service. Here are some tips to consider when enjoying this new capability:

1. Be mindful of copyright: While Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy towards intellectual property violations, it’s still best practice to ensure that any content you share or watch on the platform is being used legitimately and has clearance for such use.

2. Stay aware of age restrictions: Some channels impose age restrictions for certain types of content; when watching these videos through Twitter, be sure you know what age boundaries apply to avoid accessing inappropriate material.

3. Protect your data privacy: Make sure that any third-party services linked to your Twitter account have adequate data protection protocols in place and that you read their terms and conditions before agreeing to share information on them with the social media giant.

4. Watch out for scams: As with its other features, such as live streaming, Twitter users should exercise caution when approaching unknown entities proposing potentially fraudulent activities through its platform; always question sources and trust your instincts if something seems too good to be true or appears dubious in nature.

Following these steps can help protect you while using this new feature!


Twitter has been testing a way to watch YouTube videos on its home timeline on iOS. Users can now see a preview of the video when scrolling through their timeline. They can then click on the video to watch it within the Twitter app itself. This new feature is a great way to save time and make the user experience smoother.

Let’s take a look after this new feature.

Twitter begins testing a way to watch YouTube videos from the home timeline on iOS

Twitter recently began testing a new feature for iOS users, which allows them to watch YouTube video clips straight from their home timeline. The feature eliminates the need for a user to go through multiple steps and access different applications to watch videos, as Twitter’s integration of YouTube allows users to do so directly from its platform.

This works because when an iOS user comes across a tweet containing a YouTube link, they are presented with the choice to watch the video directly in-app without having to leave Twitter. The playback window appears in the bottom half of the screen, containing both non-skippable ads and recommended content related to what was initially tweeted. Furthermore, audio streaming is also accessible, enabling users to listen in on unfamiliar music or listen along with podcast episodes by simply pressing mute on Twitter.

This new addition has certainly eliminated the need for extra clicks and downloads when watching popular videos or listening to interactive audio content on YouTube. It gives iOS users an efficient way of consuming multimedia without disrupting their flow over Twitter’s platform while simultaneously giving enough room for monetization regarding advertisements being involved with such links shared on social media platforms like Twitter.

Final thoughts

Twitter has begun testing a new way for users to view YouTube videos directly from their Home timelines on the iOS app. With this feature, users can enjoy high-quality content without having to leave the social media platform. This could benefit content creators who rely heavily on YouTube and prefer not to let their viewers leave the platform. Additionally, Twitter’s native video playback helps prevent other websites from serving as distractions away from the main platform.

For now, it looks like a few users are testing this new feature before being rolled out further. Whether or not this proves effective remains to be seen, but it could certainly prove useful in providing an enjoyable experience for viewers who want to explore and watch content within Twitter. Ultimately, this new feature and its uptake will depend on how people use it and if they find it useful enough, they are more likely to return to stay up-to-date with their favorite creators and channels on YouTube.