Why is this method of ticket sales effective?

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YouTube and Eventbrite sell concert tickets through music videos

Music fans have bought concert tickets from traditional outlets like box offices and ticketing websites for years. But in the last few years, YouTube and Eventbrite have developed a new method of ticket sales: selling tickets through music videos. This unique way of combining commerce and content has become increasingly popular among music fans, making purchasing tickets more seamless and immediate.

In this article, we’ll explore why selling tickets through music videos is an effective method of ticket sales for YouTube and Eventbrite.

Benefits of YouTube and Eventbrite Ticket Sales

YouTube and Eventbrite have found an effective way to sell concert tickets – by combining music videos’ power with ticket sales’ convenience. This method allows customers to purchase tickets within the same platform where they watch the new music video, making the process quick, easy, and efficient.

Let’s look at the potential benefits of using this method for ticket sales.

Increased Exposure

The ability to sell tickets through YouTube and Eventbrite has proven to be a great way for musicians, promoters, venues, and even festivals to increase their exposure, reach more potential concert attendees, and create opportunities for upselling. By incorporating online ticket sales into their music videos or providing direct links within the video descriptions on YouTube, artists can drive interested fans directly to their preferred ticket sales platform.

This ticketing method allows promoters and venues to minimize box office wait times and reduce lengthy lines common during physical ticket sales. Those lines often deterred many people from purchasing tickets in the first place. Furthermore, allowing users from other countries to purchase tickets through Eventbrite without excessive fees or surcharges encourages international growth for companies across the pond that may not have had the opportunity before.

It is also beneficial for non-ticketed events such as lectures, courses, or conferences, as YouTube views can act as an additional metric to judge interest in an event before it occurs.

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Easy to Access

When selling tickets online, YouTube and Eventbrite make it easy for potential concertgoers to access the purchased tickets. Consumers can access ticket sales through their music videos by clicking on the link in their video description, or they can use a search engine to look up “Eventbrite events” and find the link to tickets. This makes it convenient for both the artist, who can easily share their video with followers while still providing a secure ticket link, and for potential fans, who don’t have to physically go buy physical tickets. All required is a few clicks and information, such as an email address or payment details.

Additionally, Ticketmaster jointly promotes these two websites to constantly generate more viewers for shows that would otherwise be overlooked, allowing artists of lower profiles to get more attention than they would have normally received. This method of ticket sales guarantees low overhead costs with fewer external promotional costs than any other source as well as reaching higher numbers of viewers than if they were using traditional means such as flyering or radio spots.

Furthermore, customers are able to take full advantage of redeemable loyalty points when using either YouTube or Eventbrite ticket sales, greatly motivating them and encouraging them to come out and enjoy the show.

Low Cost

Eventbrite and YouTube offer concert tickets at a low cost. The face value of the ticket is typically significantly lower than through traditional methods such as box offices, ticket outlets, and radio or TV vendors. This allows more people to experience live music on a limited budget. Additionally, Eventbrite and YouTube’s processing fees are much lower than most traditional ticketing companies, leading to more money in the artist’s pocket and more money for them to reinvest in their music.

Another way YouTube and Eventbrite keep costs down is through their online technologies, which reduce costs associated with travel, accommodations, labor, and other hidden expenses associated with selling tickets at physical locations or outlets. Moreover, Eventbrite enables artists to set up their personalized marketing pages for each show which can be used for targeted advertising campaigns at a much lower cost than a traditional advertising agency.

Overall, using YouTube and EventBrite for selling concert tickets helps keep the cost of attending these events down while still enabling artists to make an income from their hard work without breaking the bank on costly promotion or ticket-selling fees – allowing everyone involved to benefit from this new form of ticket sales.

How YouTube and Eventbrite Sell Tickets

The combination of YouTube and Eventbrite offers an effective method to sell concert tickets. By allowing ticket buyers to purchase tickets directly from music videos, YouTube and Eventbrite have created a unique and successful way to market and sell concert tickets.

Let’s dive deeper into this method to understand why it has been so effective.

Embedding Links in Music Videos

One of the most effective ways YouTube and Eventbrite collaborate to sell tickets is by embedding event links in music videos. This actively encourages viewers to click on the link and easily purchase concert tickets.

YouTube already holds a captive audience of more than 1 billion users, with 80% of YouTube’s watch time coming from outside the United States. By introducing ticket sales into their music videos, YouTube and Eventbrite can use this large user base and reach a global audience that may not have been otherwise aware of the upcoming event.

Embedding links directly in music videos also allows optimized marketing campaigns by capitalizing on viewers’ emotional responses to songs they like. Once they start feeling positive emotions while listening to a song, they will likely become open to making decisions such as buying tickets online.

Including concert tickets within the music video provides an opportunity for interaction and a convenient one-click purchase option — even without an Eventbrite account! Allowing for a quick, simple process means fans can purchase without any second thoughts or hassle.

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Utilizing Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in how we learn about events, concerts, and shows that are coming up. For example, YouTube and Eventbrite both use the power of streaming videos to promote the events they are hosting by embedding links to tickets directly into those videos. This method is beneficial to the venues and ticket sellers because it ensures that people find out about upcoming events in a timely manner and can buy tickets without leaving their homes.

YouTube’s “Tickets” annotation feature allows users to add a link for ticket sales directly into music videos, making it easy for fans to instantly buy tickets for their favorite artists’ shows from the music video. This helps increase hype for the show throughout its release cycle – before it happened, during the day-of-show hype, and after – to maximize revenue.

Eventbrite embeds ticket links into live feeds of artist performances from festivals or concerts they have hosted or sponsored through partnering with tour promoters or record labels. Such videos focus on previewing upcoming shows or giving viewers an inside look at what happens backstage during a performance. This drives more viewers to buy tickets as they get access to viewing exclusive content related to their artist at discounted prices. Plus, it makes Eventbrite and YouTube marketing’s job easier since all they need is a link in the video itself!

Creating Promotional Videos

Creating promotional videos is one of the most effective ways for YouTube and Eventbrite to sell tickets. By partnering with musicians to create videos highlighting their upcoming performances, YouTube and Eventbrite can reach a wide range of people interested in attending their concerts. In these videos, the viewers get an up-close look at the artist or band’s stage presence and cover songs, giving them a better idea of what they can expect from an upcoming show.

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The videos also have bonus features such as behind-the-scenes footage or fan Q&A’s with the artist, making them more entertaining for viewers. In addition, the content in the videos makes it easy for YouTube and Eventbrite to attract customers to their concert ticketing host websites. After watching a promotional video, many people are likely to be motivated to purchase tickets due to familiarity with the artist or band’s stage performance.

Additionally, these promotional videos can help increase brand visibility by appearing on other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, when shared by fans. By incorporating YouTube and Eventbrite into their music marketing strategy, artists can connect successfully with potential fans worldwide through online mediums like music videos. This technique proves valuable time after time as concert ticket sales increase online and offline for musicians who fully utilize this tactic in their marketing campaigns.


The combination of YouTube and Eventbrite’s methods of ticket sales through music videos has proven to be a successful avenue for musicians and entertainment venues alike. The simple process utilized by these two companies works in concert to ensure a smooth and timely process for all parties involved.

For musicians, it offers an exposure-boosting method that utilizes the power of music visuals and the convenience of purchasing tickets simultaneously, allowing them to increase the size of their fanbase without needing an additional app or website. On the other hand, venues benefit from the streamlined process, allowing tickets to be sold in minutes while reducing potential security issues associated with malicious online sellers.

Overall, this combined offering has been shown to provide major advantages compared to traditional ticket sales processes such as scalping and counterfeit tickets. By utilizing this method, musicians can make sure their fans can access their shows quickly and easily while also increasing their visibility through multimedia videos distributed on a global platform. Likewise, venues can rest assured that they sell legitimate tickets directly from themselves with less effort than ever.